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Land Based vs Online Craps Games

Land Based Craps

We are often asked if there is a difference between land based and online craps games, and while in essence the mechanics of the game remain the same, there are a few specific differences.

The main difference is found in the table layouts of the two, while both feature the two end sections which contain field, pass and come bets as well as the middle section which contains the proposition bets, in online games only the middle and one of the end sections are visible. This is largely due to the fact that online craps caters to a single player and brick and mortar versions were designed for multiple players.

Online Craps Games

Another difference comes in the form of the number of employees that observe a craps table at land based casinos which is of course handled by the software in online casinos. Obviously in land based craps you can hold the dice and roll it while in online versions of the game you see a graphical representation of the dice which is controlled by a random number generator. Depending on where one plays, you may see yourself as an animated player shooting the dice, while other versions require you to just click the "roll" button instead.

At brick and mortar casinos, craps tables can be somewhat intimidating for newcomers given the number of casino employees, players and observers at the table, not to mention the distractions, noise and specialised craps lingo and that's all before you touch the dice (which requires specific techniques). Online craps eliminates these issues and enables you to play the game at your own pace without the fear of making mistakes while still maintaining a great level of excitement and fun. There is also the option to practice the game in "free play" mode as much as you'd like beforehand, something you can't do in land based venues.

So if you haven't already tried it, why not play craps online today.