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Playing Craps Online

Getting Started

The Internet is inundated with over 3,000 online casinos, which means that you may encounter situations where you find it difficult to choose which one is the right one for you to play craps at (which one is licensed and regulated, provides secure financial transactions, easy depositing and withdrawal methods and so on).

Besides the three (3) Casinos we have listed on our site as ideal gaming Operators, there are countless others where you can have an enjoyable gaming experience in a safe, secure environment. Below, we have outlined some key points that you should note before you start playing craps at any online casinos.

Casino License

It is important to note that all casinos listed on this site are licensed and fully comply with the rules and regulations of their respective jurisdiction. There are over 70 jurisdictions worldwide which offer some form of online gambling licenses. The most recognized gaming licenses in the online gambling community are those licenses that are issued by Antigua & Barbuda, Costa Rica, Cyprus, Gibraltar, the United Kingdom, and Canada. These territories have the strictest gaming jurisdictions and are, consequently, highly sought after among gaming Operators. They guarantee one of the safest gaming environments available to Players worldwide.

Secure Transactions and Fraud Prevention

Casinos must provide a safe way for Players to deposit money and receive their winnings. That means, for example, that your credit card information should only be transmitted via a secure, encrypted site. In addition, alternative methods to Credit Card, Cheque, and Bank Wire Transfers should be available. These may include payment options such as NETeller and Moneybookers.

Payout Percentages

Casinos should be prepared to and readily publish their Payout Percentages. In this way, you can compare their payout ratios. Payouts should be audited, preferably by a recognized financial firm; however some casinos opt to use independent auditors for this purpose.

Fair Play and Play for Fun features

The casino games should have today's standards of high quality. The odds online should be better than in the casino around the corner. Likewise, a "Play for Fun" feature should be readily available so that you are able to play and practice with an unlimited amount of "Play for Fun" craps chips without risking real cash. This allows you to test your preferred game variations to see if it is actually worth registering and depositing at that casino.

Exorbitant Bonus Offers

Some casinos offer bonuses as high as 500% - 1000% on deposits, especially New Player deposits. While this may seem extremely lucrative, it is, more often than not, a diversion from the truth. What is the truth you ask? Well, unfortunately for those Players who happen to get fooled into registering accounts there, the plain truth is that they will possibly never win any games they play at that Casino. Why? Because these casinos make their wagering requirements so ridiculously high that the chances of walking away with money become slimmer as the bonus percentages increase.

Now, if you do happen to win, and, again, your chances are very slim of walking away with cash after meeting the wagering requirements, your withdrawal is more often than not limited to a set amount per month. So, even if your account balance shows $1000, you may only be able to withdraw $500 of it at that time. So make sure you ALWAYS read the fine print before accepting these bonus offers.

Withdrawals and Withdrawal Limits

One important thing to remember is that withdrawals are capped at a certain amount every month; meaning even if you win a $1 Million dollar Jackpot, you will only be able to withdraw up to the maximum allowable withdrawal amount that is preset by the Casino. We strongly recommend that before depositing at any online casino, you first read their policies on withdrawals to ensure that you are not misled when you are ready to withdraw your funds. Most, if not all, of the Casinos will require some form of verification documents from you before you can receive your winnings. These documents usually include a valid picture ID (passport, driver's License) and a proof of address (recent utility bill, bank statement). If you cannot provide these documents, your withdrawal will remain pending.

Customer Support

Customer Support should be available 24 hours daily either via email, phone, or as is now becoming more popular, Live Help, which usually comprises of a Live Chat feature. The Live Chat feature is usually made available only within the casino software, but there are some exceptions, where some Casinos make it available directly from the website. Most casinos now offer multi-lingual Customer Support, which improves their chances of being selected by Players.

Treatment Disputes

Casinos should have a system in place where all bets placed by Players are recorded and time stamped. In addition, these logs should be available to Players within their account. This is not a serious issue in recent times because most of the reputable software platforms, such as Playtech, make this feature available to all levels of Players. Should a dispute arise, which sometimes happens, Players should make these problems known to the Casino Manager. The normal resolution time, especially for disputes involving withdrawals by cheque and/or game logs, is 2 weeks. Thereafter, if there is still no resolution, you may refer the matter to an authorized gaming authority or an organization that advocates fair play to Players. Some of these bodies include eCOGRA, Interactive Gaming Council, Gaming Associates, and Casinomeister.