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Understanding the terms Right and Wrong Bettors in Craps

Anyone who has played the game of Craps may have at one time or another heard the terms "right bettors" and "wrong bettors" used in reference to players at the table. If you're unfamiliar with Craps terminology this could be quite confusing and may seem like quite an insult to those classified as "wrong". It is however, important to note that these terms do not refer to the concepts of right and wrong in the traditional sense and these players are not doing anything "right" or "wrong" to justify the names, instead these terms are used in the technical sense.

While it is possible to play and understand the game of Craps without knowing these terms it is helpful to understand them when reading craps articles. In order to explain these terms we can use the following illustration:

The most common Craps wager is the Pass line bet, at the new come out roll, the shooter will roll the dice and if he/she throws a seven or eleven then they will win. If a 2, 3 or 12 is thrown, then the player loses and if any other number is thrown then that number is the point. If the shooter throws the point prior to a 7 then he/she wins and if the 7 is thrown before the point then he/she loses. In these instances, other players who bet that the shooter will be victorious are known as "right bettors" and those that bet that he/she will lose are called "wrong bettors".

When it comes to Online Craps you may think that these terms don't exist as there is an absence of the shooter to roll the dice, however the concept remains the same and players who bet on the pass line bet are termed "right bettors" and those who don't bet on it are known as "wrong bettors". In all probability the term "right" became associated with the pass line bet as the majority of craps players generally wager on this bet as opposed to the "Don't Pass" bet.

However, the terms right and wrong bettors are also used in other betting options in Craps including Buy and Lay bets, with right bettors being referred to in association with "Buy" bets and wrong bettors with "Lay" bets, as well as "Come" (right bettors) and "Don't Come" (wrong bettors) bets.