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How to play craps?

The Game An overview of everthing you've ever wanted to know about the dice game known as Craps.

Playing the Game At first glance the game of craps may seem intimidating because of the sheer variety of bets you can make but actually, the game itself is very simple.

Best and Worst Craps Bets You would have learned the various bet types in our "Playing The Game" Craps tutorial. In this section, we'll break it down and get straight to the point about which bets you should and absolutely should not make.

The Odds This section will briefly and non-technically discuss the odds (probability) of rolling any possible number with a set of two dice.

Etiquette How you handle yourself at the tables will determine the kind of respect you receive from the other players and the casino employees.

Betting the Passline You MUST KNOW the odds, both true odds and the payoff odds for all bets. Whether you wager as a Positive player, or a Don't player...

Right and Wrong Bettors This is a term you may hear at the craps tables, but before you take offense or get confused, find out all about it and what it really means to you, those around you and the game.

Points Based online craps strategy If you're looking for an alternative to basic craps strategy, check out the Points Based craps strategy for online casino play.

Craps Systems Everyone is always on the look out for ways to "win" but do Craps Systems really work? Find out more here.

Once you have mastered the game of craps, you can put all of your newly acquired skills to good use at one of our recommended online casinos. If you are not comfortable playing for money just yet, feel free to try out the various "practice" modes before making your first deposit and remember to enjoy the game, it is afterall one of the most exciting around.