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Player Etiquette

The manner in which you conduct yourself at the Craps table will determine the kind of respect you get, not only from other players but also from the casino employees who run it. There is nothing wrong with being an amateur, just don't look and play like one, unless of course you are playing craps online which really takes the edge off and allows you to learn in a more controlled environment where etiquette is not as important as at land based casinos. If you are heading off to the latter though, don't panic, all you have to do is follow these tips and you'll play like a pro!

Tip the dealers often... it's a VERY good idea to be on their good side. Don't worry about specifying who gets the tip though, the dealer and stickman split all tips evenly, so just tip and let them worry about the division of the assets.

Wait until the dealer has paid players from the previous roll before placing new money on the table for change or to place a new bet. The golden rule here is to remember that old business comes before new business.

It is casino policy that the dealers are not allowed to take money directly from your hands, this is primarily done to prevent cheating and disputes, so ensure that you place all cash for change and bets in front of you on the table. Also make sure that you have the dealers attention and he understands your intentions or the money you place on the table may be mistakenly viewed as a bet.

Each place situated around the craps table has a corresponding spot on the field so that the dealer always knows which bet belongs to which player. Ensure that you place your wager directly in front of you on the Pass Line or Come Line. Should the dealer want to place it somewhere else on the Pass Line or Come Line, he will move it and you should follow suit by placing all subsequent similar type bets on the spot he moved your intial bet to.

Place your Odds wagers directly underneath your Pass Line or Come Bet wagers on the outside edge of the playing field. Remember that the Pass Line and Come Bet wagers are locked in until the shooter repeats the point or rolls a seven, so you cannot pick up your wager once the new point is set.

Make an effort to always remain calm and politely speak up to inform the dealer of what you would like to do. Clearly state your desire... for a bet, a place, change, etc. and don't worry, the game is controlled by the stickman, so it won't go on without you. No hurries, no and calm wins the day!

When the stickman pushes the dice to the shooter, move your arms and hands out of the way. If the dice hit your hand and a bad roll comes up, the players at the table will, to put it mildly, HATE you and this kind of atmosphere really ruins the game.

Give the shooter plenty of room. As mentioned in the previous point, if you bump the shooter and the roll is bad, you will not be popular at all.

Rolling the Bones

Although it may seem to take an eternity at times, the dice will eventually come around the table, and it will be your turn to shoot. The stickman will push five dice to you on the table, pick up any two dice. The stickman will then take back the other three and you are free to roll right away.

Only use one hand to handle the dice and make sure that you keep the dice over the table in plain sight at all times. Do not reach for a drink, turn around or walk away from the table with the dice in your hand! Remember that only one handed rolls are allowed, so fight the urge to cup the dice in both hands to shake them up.

Throw the dice with the objective of hitting the other side of the table. If the dice don't make it, the dealer may request that you to throw them a little harder the next time. In the event of throwing a die off the table by accident, don't panic, it does happen occasionally and you will not be lynched, rather, the roll will be declared a 'no roll'. All bets will remain where they are, the pit boss will retrieve the fallen die and you will continue rolling - no big deal, you are not the first and won't be the last person to do this!