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Craps Points Based Strategy

Titan Casino Craps
Use the Points based craps strategy
at Titan Bet Casino

When it comes to craps strategies, we haven't seen many new developments in recent years. That was until online casino craps players invented a new points based strategy for playing the game.

Here we'll take a look at the basics of this strategy so that you can decide whether or not to incorporate it into your future craps game play.

The Points based craps strategy incorporates betting on specific wagers with very low house advantages at a mere 1.4%, namely the Come and Pass Line bets which pay even money. The betting options are related to single free odds wagers which increase payout rates and decrease the house advantage even further.

The main objective of this strategy is to gain two points at the craps table and then to back them with additional bets. In putting this strategy into play the player will place a $1 wager on the Pass Line and then roll the dice. If the throw on the come out roll is either 7 or 11, then according to craps rules, the player will automatically win his/her bet. If however the roll is a 2, 3 or 12. In both events the table will then be cleared and the player will begin again.

Once a point is established (let's say for the sake of example it's a 5) after a come out roll the player will be required to make two moves. The first of which will be to place a free odds bet of $1 on the Pass Line and placing a chip on it to differentiate it from the initial bet that was placed. This is of vital importance as each bet will have a different payout. The second step is to place a $1 Come Bet, after which the dice will be rolled again.

Each of the aforementioned wagers will be tracked independently. On the initial Pass Line Bet if a 7 is thrown then the Pass Line Bet as well as the Free Odds Bet lose and are removed from the table, but if the throw is a 5 which has been established as the point, then the Pass line and Free Odds bets are paid out and removed from the craps table. Whether the result is a win or loss, the player begins a fresh sequence again by placing another $1 Pass Line Bet. If any other number is thrown, then the Pass Line and Free Odds Bets will continue.

Once the point has been established, if a 7, 11, 2, 3 or 12 is thrown, the Come bet chip will be moved to the box marked 9 (which is also the point for a Come Bet). When this occurs, you should then place a $1 chip in the box next to this chip in order to place a free odds bet in addition to your Come bet.

The combined wagers will then play out as follows: